Are Vionics worth the price?

Are Vionics Worth The Price?

Do you spend most of your work days at a desk, or seated in a chair? Then you’ll understand why I freaked out at the thought of standing on my feet for five days straight at a conference booth earlier this spring. Mostly, I was concerned my feet would be sore by the end of the conference… but they weren’t thanks to these shoes!

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All Day I Dream About…

In late February, I was preparing to head off to Traffic and Conversion, a week long conference in San Diego. Now, February in San Diego is different than February in Ohio. In Ohio, we’re still wearing boots. The weather in San Diego was forecast to be in the high 70’s, so I knew I couldn’t take my urban snow boots, which look something like these:

Those weren’t going to be a good choice, neither for the weather, nor the conference itself. So I headed out to to the internet to see what the cool kids were wearing these days.

Given that I’d be wearing a tshirt and jeans at the conference booth, I knew I needed something casual.

I grabbed a pair of these Adidas sneakers think they would be comfortable enough to see me through.

I’m glad I didn’t ONLY bring those… because I was wrong.

I had worn these a bit at home before the trip, but something about being in them all day brought out the worst in them. By the end of the first day, I actually had a bruise on the interior ankle of my left foot because that last spot where the shoelace can go was just so high up on my foot.

I can wear them at home still just fine, but wouldn’t recommend them for a whole day on your feet.

And since those didn’t work out, I was glad I brought another pair of shoes with me…

These other shoes were a brand I’d never bought before, and that frankly were more $ than I typically spend on shoes…

But they were worth it!

Vionics are good shoes.

My sister in law Brandi is a teacher, and raves about Vionics. She says all her teacher friends wear them, and you know… teachers are on their feet ALL DAY LONG. If a teacher says Vionics are good shoes, they must be.

On her recommendation, a few days before the conference Bob and I set out to try some on.

We found them at Lucky Shoes at Easton. They had a selection of maybe 10 styles. The one I chose looked like this:

I switched to these shoes on day two of the conference since the sporty Adidas let me down. I wore the Vionics for 16 hours straight for the next four days and my feet did not hurt a bit at the end each day.

Are Vionic shoes comfortable?

I’d say so! I like wearing flats with jeans, but it’s hard to find flats that have any real arch or heel support. These have both – but without looking like old granny shoes. And they’re wide enough to accommodate my chubby little feet, too.

Are Vionic shoes worth the price?

I’d say yes. They totally saved my feet during the conference. I’ve continued to wear them most every day since I’ve been home, and they’re still super comfortable. The only thing I’ve noticed is that the material on the front is wearing a bit – almost as if I stood on my toes or tapped my toe to the ground and scuffed them repeatedly…

…which to be honest, I might very well have done at the booth!

The pair I bought at the store were $130. You can buy them now on Amazon now for $113.

Vionic vs Rothy?

Someone else recommended Rothy’s as an alternative to Vionics (Brandi again, actually). I’ve never worn Rothy’s so I can’t say how they fit or feel, but I think they’re more fashionable than Vionics, for sure.

You can take a look here at And, you can get $20 off your first purchase of $30 or more when using this link.

How about you? What shoes do YOU wear to keep your dogs from barking at the end of the day?


vionic vs rothy


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