The Top 10 AirBnB Destinations I’d Like To Visit

Have you wondered if AirBnB is a good fit for your next vacation or business trip? We’ve stayed in an AirBnB several times, and now when we travel it’s the first place we look for accommodations.

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The first AirBnB we stayed in was this one in Washington, DC. It was close to everything, but nestled in a fancy, lovely walkable neighborhood. It was so nice to have a full kitchen, living room, bedroom and washer and dryer. And, the hosts who owned the house were super friendly.

Then we stayed at this guest house in Houston when we went to pack up my mom’s house:

It wasn’t as nice as the first place, but it was certainly nicer than many hotels I’ve stayed in. And again, the host was super friendly and flexible. We weren’t sure if we were going to stay for three days or four, and she just rolled with it.

Bob, Nila and Tammy even stayed in an AirBnB in Paris this summer, and loved it. I think Tammy might even be hooked on traveling with AirBnB in the future. Needless to say, I’m a fan of AirBnB and think you should try it out on your next trip.

Sometimes, I even spend time on AirBnB bookmarking places I’d like to vist. This changes over time as I find new homes and cities. I know that some people even like to look at vacation rental recommendations to help give them an idea of where they would like to go. In this post, I’ll share my top 10 AirBnB destinations I’d like to visit and how you can get a $20 travel credit for your first trip. Here we go:

1. Southern Belle, Tybee Island, GA

If you know me, you know I left my heart on the coast of South Carolina and Georgia. I would love to spend a week kicking around this place in between visits to the beach and Crabdaddy’s.

2. Festival in Punta del Este

3. Paradise, Punta del Este

4. villa Mendia, Telluride, San Miguel County, Colorado

The summer I lived in Colorado is almost like a dream. I have memories of some of the most beautiful, breathtaking places, but they’re so faint at this point I hardly remember them. I’d love to go back and spend some more time there as a more fully grown adult.

5. This Fishing Factory in Norway

6. Kahana Nui Villa, Hawaii

7. South Maui Hideaway, Hawaii

8. One Acre Estate in San Diego

9. Or this view in San Diego would work, too.

Sometimes, in fall, when the wind blows just right here in Columbus and rustles the leaves on the trees, it almost smells and feels like San Diego.

10. Give me a tea, and the clear morning air here in Jackson Hole, WY.

Where would you like to go if you were going to travel using AirBnB? When you’re ready to book your first AirBnB stay, use this link: and you’ll get a travel credit for your first stay. The last time I looked, it was $40!

Have you traveled with AirBnB before? Where did you stay?

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