Setting Marketing Priorities for Your Business

Once you have defined your brand, and created your user profiles… then what? Your users’ goals are important (first and foremost) but YOU have goals, too, right? You have to have a plan for how to get your brand, your users’ goals and YOUR goals to intersect. But how to do you begin prioritizing what you need to accomplish?

Here at Angie Meeker Designs, we believe your marketing can do three things for you:

  • Increase awareness of your business
  • Increase the efficiencies of your business
  • Increase the revenue of your business

Let’s not make it too hard. A simple prioritization of the possibilities in each area will do. We’re looking for a brain dump here, of ideas for you business which can help you increase awareness, efficiency and revenue. They don’t have to be specific to the website or email marketing campaign or whatever THING you happen to be working on. Just think big, and empty out the possibilities.

Increase Awareness

  • Get current customers to refer a colleague
  • speak at conferences to those who use your service
  • sponsor an event
  • purchase ads
  • ride around in one of those moving ad trucks all day
  • win an award
  • get shared on social media
  • write weekly in newspaper

What you offer in this area will be specific to your business and your customers, of course. These are just a few very generic examples. We recently worked with a customer in the health care industry who said one way they could increase awareness was to have their researchers speak at more conferences. Makes sense, especially since investors hang out at those conferences, too.

Increase Efficiency

  • Know who came to you from what referral source
  • Integrate a sales CRM to better track and nurture leads
  • Stop doing double entry from paper invoices to banking
  • Better educate leads before the sales meeting so the time in meeting is decreased
  • Allow existing customers to easily reorder standard parts instead of calling to order

The same health care client above added that they often answer the same 10 – 15 questions about their field over and over via email or phone. Instead of continuing to do that, they could have their researchers answer those same questions once on their website or social media. By doing that, they both increase awareness of their business (each question as an individual page means more indexed pages holding sought after content), and ALSO  increase their efficiency. By educating patients online, they cut down the time needed to respond to phone calls and emails.

Increase Revenue

  • Offer holiday specials
  • Increase number of cross-sells
  • Reduce paper mailings (which are expensive!)
  • Add bundled packages for services frequently purchased together
  • Add subscription renewals of services

The health care organization we’ve mentioned previously had an obvious goal to increase donations, and by offering donors the option to post a story on a memory wall during a Memorial Day campaign, was able to drive awareness (each post was a separate post on its site, so while they were archived together, they are available to search engines separately) and increase revenue.

Another example, please?

Robert Meeker, our COO, previously worked with a non-profit who ran a summer camp with hundreds of students attending. In year 1 (when he started), they only took registrations by mail or in person. In year two, they took registrations online and increased their efficiency. By year three, he was able to show how quickly the camps had filled up the year before, and suggested a meager $30 price increase to meet the demand. He was also able to email previous camp attendees with an early bird special for online registration. In previous years, marketing staff would spend three to four months attending local events to share Camp and offer registrations, armed with costly and ineffective brochures and flyers.

In year three, using only an email marketing campaign and social media, Camp sold out in just four weeks! Their goals of increasing revenue and efficiency were met by their users’ goals to ensure their child has an amazing summer and to easily register their campers. No more costly print marketing, their staffs’ time was freed up to work on other projects, and their overall revenue increased.

Assessing Your Marketing Priorities

After you’ve shaken our your brain of all the ways your business can increase awareness, efficiency and revenue, prioritize them on a scale of 1-10, for both OBTAINABILITY (how easily can we do this) and DESIRABILITY (how much do we want to do this). Then add the totals for each item, and the highest ones win. The ones with lower scores can be moved to Phase Two or Phase Three of your project, or even reassessed at a later date.

For the health care organization mentioned, one of the primary users’ goals was to not feel alone after diagnosis. Offering the user generated stories help the business accomplish its goals, while also giving users access to many stories of patients just like them.

The items with higher scores are the ones for which you have to prioritize development during your marketing campaign. And you have to do that in ways that help your users’ also accomplish their goals.

What are some of your goals in each one of these areas? 

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