Meal Plan, April 7-13

This is me making public our commitment to improving our health and budget by eating at home more…

And for my friends here in Columbus, a request for accountability…

If we don’t eat these dinner meals at home this week, I’ll come clean the toilets of anyone who comments on this post. ๐Ÿ˜‚

You’ll know we have eaten the dinner meals at home because I will post a picture of them on Instagram.


Eggs/Bacon/Sausage/Spinach/Avacado for Angie/Bob; Same + Oatmeal for Nila and Mom
(Until I learn more about making bread-stuff keto style)


Monday: Salmon Bowls (salmon, cauli rice, cucumber, carrot, avacado) โœ…<– Out of order, had it on Tuesday

Tuesday: Crockpot Chicken Dumplings but with Keto Biscuits

Wednesday: Bob’s birthday, dinner out โœ…

Thursday: Steak, roasted potatoes, green beans โœ… <— having Saturday for dinner

Friday: Ground Beef Tacos/Salad โœ…<– Out of order – we had it on Monday.

Saturday: Chicken Fried Rice W Asian Veggies (cauli rice)ย  โœ…

Updated Saturday, April 13

Ok, we ate out one extra day this week. On Thursday, I put a roast on in the morning because I knew I wasn’t going to be home early enough that evening to cook the meal I had planned. I put it on low, and set it for 7 hours. It was nowhere near done when it was time to eat, so went stepped out for dinner.

Besides that, we did better this week than have for a few weeks.

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