NA1: What a kid says makes an awesome parent.

Normally Awesome, Episode 1: What a kid says makes an awesome parent!

My question for you is what do you think makes an awesome parent? I know that you that you have to kind of think about this in terms of mom and dad, but you know other parents, too right? So you can think about it in terms of a bunch of different parents that you…

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I’m normally awesome, but not always.

Normally Awesome with Angie Meeker

A few weeks ago, Nila, Bob and I were driving in the car running errands. We had been in the car for roughly 18.6 hours; at least 10 of which Nila was playing on Bob’s phone. Sometimes, that’s just how it is. I decided to play a round of “10 Questions” with Nila, which is…

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