How I Used Engineer Prints for Decorating

How I used engineer prints for decorating

Today is Bob and my’s 12th wedding anniversary! We don’t normally buy each other presents for our anniversary, but this year I had something in mind I thought he’d like. I couldn’t wait to give him his present, so I gave it to him a few nights ago after dinner.

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10 Craftsy Classes I Totally Want to Try (FREE TRIAL, TOO!)

If Pinterest Had a School, it would be craftsy

If school and Pinterest had a baby, it would be Craftsy Bluprint. Do you have an urge to find new hobby, or to try your hand at actually MAKING a real life thing (that’s not dinner or a clean load of laundry)? Something that gives YOU a creative outlet; time when you can just clear your…

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Is Tough Mudder Worth It?

Is a tough mudder hard?

When was the LAST time you did something for the FIRST time? Those are the words chanted by the host of a Tough Mudder at the starting line. For my 39th birthday in December 2017, I told Bob all I wanted as a gift was a registration to a Tough Mudder. It had been a…

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5 Halloween Costumes My Kid Will NOT Be Wearing This October

Halloween is still a month away, but you’d never know it at our house. My daughter has been talking about Halloween costumes since early September. So far this year, she has wanted to be a doll, a broken doll, a scary doll, and a scary scarecrow. Not so scary to scare herself, but scary enough…

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The Top 10 AirBnB Destinations I’d Like To Visit

Have you wondered if AirBnB is a good fit for your next vacation or business trip? We’ve stayed in an AirBnB several times, and now when we travel it’s the first place we look for accommodations. This post contains affiliate links. Please see my disclosure for more details. The first AirBnB we stayed in was…

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Angie’s Kitchen, Week One

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about who our family is becoming, both as a unit, but each of us individually. And for me, there is a huge disconnect between some of who we say we are, and who we ACTUALLY are. One of the most obvious areas this shows up is in how we…

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