angiemeekerAngie Meeker ( helps small business live and die by their customers’ goals.

She is the host of the Persona podcast, where real life business owners share what’s working (and NOT working) to reach their customers.

Marketing wasn’t Angie’s first career. 12 years ago, she was a pastor, helping guests get connected to the people and programs of the church. When she suddenly started having seizures and couldn’t drive to those same programs, she realized she needed a new job working from home. She found she could apply the same exact skills she used to help grow churches’ membership to helping small businesses build relationships with their customers online, and to grow their revenue.

She is also an organizer of WordCamp Columbus, an annual conference for users and developers of WordPress, with over 200 attendees and thirty speakers. She has taught over 600 entrepreneurs and business owners how to get started using WordPress to share their stories online.

She enjoys hanging out with her husband, Robert, and nine year old daughter in Columbus, OH-io. She is the biggest fan of America’s Funniest Videos and in case you’re wondering, yes, she did break her addiction to sweet tea.