If Pinterest Had a School, it would be craftsy

10 Craftsy Classes I Totally Want to Try (FREE TRIAL, TOO!)

If school and Pinterest had a baby, it would be Craftsy Bluprint. Do you have an urge to find new hobby, or to try your hand at actually MAKING a real life thing (that’s not dinner or a clean load of laundry)? Something that gives YOU a creative outlet; time when you can just clear your mind and create something that’s just simply fun? Well this is the place to learn to do it: Craftsy (<– Click for a FREE 7-Day Trial).

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Craftsy Bluprint is like Pinterest school. All of those aspirations you have pinned and hope to get around to making one day, even though you don’t QUITE know how… Crafty has classes (and kits) for learning how. The classes are all online, are beautifully produced, easy to understand and simple to follow.

Here are 10 Craftsy Bluprint classes I totally want to try:

Full Bust Adjustment for Any Pattern

I don’t think I need to say much more about this one.

Buttercream Succulents & Cacti

Why mess around with old school cake flowers when you would be doing this instead?

Learn to Knit: Essential Skills for Beginning Knitters

Knitting is one of those things I never quite learned to do, but I do love a good cableknit sweater. I guess you have to walk before you run, so this one would be great for me.

Baking With Herbs & Spices

Remember this Macaroni Grill Rosemary Bread knockoff? Yum. Breads with herbs in them are tasty!

Cook More, Weigh Less

She had me at the black eyed pea and corn salad.

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Startup Project: Creative Lifestyle Photography

Nila and I have started learning to use a DSLR without using Manual Mode. It would be interesting to pair what we’ve learned so far with this.

Custom Built-In Shelves

I’ve always had this suspicion that you could probably build built-ins for way less than you can even buy cheap bookcases. I bet this class would prove me right.

Brush Lettering: Cards, Envelopes & More

While I don’t LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the trend of decorating with a bunch of written text, I wouldn’t mind knowing how to write so fancy like that… you know for the times when you just NEED to write, “Ice, Ice Baby” in script.

Designing Elegant Edible Gardens

Remember, I AM a Master Urban Farmer.

Gorgeous Garden Design: Function & Style

Our front garden currently consists of the Rose of Sharon from hell, a lovely lavender, some black eyed susans, two bushes, some sage and three mystery plants that aren’t weeds. I think it’s safe to say I could benefit from this class.

Go take a look at the classes offered at Craftsy, register for the FREE 7-Day Trial, then let me know which ones look good to you! If you don’t like it after seven days, you can always cancel and go back to your non-craftsy ways!

FREE 7 Day Bluprint Trial

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