Caramelized Apple Vinaigrette

Imagine, if you will… a world where caramel apples frolic in fields of green spinach with fluffy goat cheese clouds… Doesn’t that sound lovely? Well brothers and sisters, I have been to this land, and IT IS GOOD. Very good. I first tasted this dream at Market65, a salad restaurant in downtown Columbus. If you […]

Texas Roadhouse Rolls

Something strange is happening to me as I get older: Some of the stuff I cook actually tastes GOOD. So, I’m trying out a new Recipe plugin around here so I don’t lose some of the recipes I actually like. I thought I’d start with this Texas Roadhouse Rolls copycat recipe from last year. I […]

#ParentingFail: How NOT to give your kid a bath.

Best Meeker ‪#‎parentingfail‬ ever. Earlier today I filled up the downstairs tub with hot water and Tide with the intent to scrub it about an hour later (don’t judge me, it works). We had to leave to run an long errand, water still in the tub. I mentioned to Bob on the way to our […]